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ProVen Pharmaceuticals

Provide an ethical, legal, safe, reliable, cost effective and transparent distribution service for pharmaceutical products that customers can’t obtain through traditional contracted channels and to positively affect critical patient outcome.


We utilize TraceLink to deliver our customers electronic on-demand T3 documentation.


Our technologically advanced software, stringent Standard Operating Procedures and relationships with nationally recognized legal counsel and consultants aides us in achieving the highest standards.


Delivering extraordinary customer service and patient care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Nationwide

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What products do you carry?

ProVen Pharmaceuticals is a nationally licensed distributor of critical care products used by health facilities in many different classes of trade. We continually assess our distribution relationships and customer needs to assure access to the best possible products at the best possible price.

Q. What services does ProVen offer?

We help many of our clients source medication and equipment that they have difficulty sourcing through their primary channels.  Our cross docking philosophy insures that we will acquire, verify integrity and ship products to meet the customer needs.

Q. How do you ensure quality?

As a fully licensed and authorized nationwide distributor, Proven Pharmaceuticals adheres to rigorous standards of quality and service.  Our designated compliance officer ensures compliance with all state and federal regulations as they relate to the wholesale distribution of pharmaceuticals. We also purchase only from licensed distributors who follow rigorous manufacturing specifications in handling, storing and distributing these sensitive products.

Q. Can I place an order as a first-time customer?

We offer credit lines to all purchasers who meet our criteria. If you are a first-time customer, contact us so we can set up an account for you based on your type of facility.

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